Now offering Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365

What backup solution do you have in place?

It’s common for users to treat cloud storage as a form of backup. While this enables you to recover data if a local machine fails, it’s not a foolproof method of keeping your important information safe. If something happens to the data on your cloud storage, either by accident or attack, you could lose that data with few to no options for recovery.

Fortunately, we’ve expanded our options for backing up important information and now offer Cove Data Protection as an extra for our Manage-IT package. This backup solution keeps all your Microsoft 365 documents safely backed up with 7 years’ retention.

This form of backup is tied to your M365 account, so if you use the same account on multiple machines, all your documents remain safely backed up, making this a backup solution that is effective, cost-efficient, and convenient.

For more information, please see this link to a factsheet with information about our new backup solution, including seven reasons why backups are vital for businesses:

  • Accidental Deletion:  A user might accidentally delete shared documents or folders. Microsoft 365 only retains data for 14 days by default, during which time a mistake may not be spotted.
  • Retention Gaps:  If a user becomes inactive, their data may be deleted automatically if no one else maintains the account.
  • Insider Threats:  Some users might be tricked into deleting data or an employee with a grudge or grievance might try and take revenge.  Just like accidental deletion, the short retention period makes this a serious problem if it happens.
  • External Threats:  Getting access to data to delete or encrypt it is one way that cybercriminals attack companies. The threat of ransomware relies on targets not being able to quickly recover their data.
  • Legal and Compliance:  Some regulations require data to be kept for a certain amount of time. Without reliable backups, old data might be lost without realising until it’s too late.
  • Less Control:  In a data loss event, you’ll have to wait for Microsoft to get around to helping you, and they might not be able to. If you have access to your own backups, you can get up and running again quicker and with less risk.
  • Cost:  Dealing with backup solutions can be expensive, but not having one in place can be far more so. Our solution keeps costs under control.

If you have any questions about the backup options we offer, just get in touch.

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