Data Management

Decommissioning wipe and recycling.

Deleted data recovery.

Mailbox or data transfer between computers.

Data entry projects.

Data or file organisation streamlining and conversion.

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"I've heard that if I just delete files, people can recover them; is that true?" Yes, in most cases this is possible if the HDD is still functional. See our Recover-IT service for more details.

Retire-IT is a military-grade hard disk drive decommissioning procedure that involves multiple wipes so that recovery software cannot access your confidential data. A report is produced for your records.

Price is per hard disk drive unit.


When a file is deleted by accident, or lost if a hard drive stops working, it’s not always gone forever. In many situations, data recovery can be used to restore lost information.


We carry out secure and reliable transfers of data from computers or between mailboxes so you can be sure that what you need will be there when you need it.


Sometimes you have a large volume of data that needs to be entered. We offer secure data entry for all kinds of projects, small and large, and with full confidentiality assured.


Over time, your data can end up disorganised, in different places that don’t quite line up. We can review your systems and implement any changes needed to get everything straight.


Barbara Burgess, Success Coaching

"I asked them to clean up confidential data and upload it to my CRM - they've been efficient, accurate, reliable & trustworthy."

Ian Quance,
Product Consultant
"Edge IT have subcontracted several jobs to Solidarity IT over the past 18 months. We have found the company easy to deal with and very efficient. They are quick to understand what is required and work quickly to achieve completion. We have recommended them to several people who needed sympathetic assistance to sort out their IT and will continue to do so with no hesitation"