Let us handle your Microsoft subscription for you.

Get your Microsoft apps, support, domain hosting, and custom email addresses sorted easily with Manage-IT.


Power your business with the award-winning Microsoft 365 Apps.

Look professional with your own custom email address:

With Manage-IT, you purchase Microsoft software licences at the same prices you’d get them directly from Microsoft, but with the extra value Solidarity IT’s geeks add to the equation; all the installation, configuration and customisation done for you.

Outlook Mailbox
£4.75 pcm*

Email Addresses

Microsoft 365
Business Standard
£14.83 pcm*

All Office Apps

Microsoft 365
Business Standard +
£17.83 pcm*

All Office Apps

365 Backup Included

*Prices are for individual items and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.
If you are unsure to what you require we can help assess what is right for you.

Domain Hosting
£5.00 pcm*

*Prices shown are for a single domain

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How Does It Work?

The Technical Stuff

Get your Microsoft subscription(s) handled and save yourself time and hassle. Our Manage-IT package provides Microsoft apps and support with direct access to Microsoft’s technical experts ensuring success and satisfaction.

As a Microsoft Partner and in partnership with Climb, Solidarity IT acts as delegated administrators on your business’s Microsoft account(s). This means that Licence Management tasks can be performed in the background without disruption to your business.


Licence Management


As a Microsoft reseller we can:

  • Set up and manage Microsoft licences.
  • Configure and optimise your systems
  • Offer monthly subscriptions for less than buying them directly from

Email and Apps Setup

Which Microsoft 365 Apps do you need?

Do you need email accounts for your business?

With Manage-IT, we can:

  • Help you choose the apps you need
  • Set them up and configure them for you
  • Set up the email accounts you need
  • Make sure you’re only paying for what you’re getting

(at the same rate or less than Microsoft direct)

Plus, you get our experience and access to support for free.

Why Microsoft 365 for Business?

There are many differences between Microsoft 365 Home and Business


Microsoft 365 Business

  • Sharepoint - set up a directory that can be accessed by employees

Great for polices, standardising marketing material, and templates.

  • Access to additional apps – such as Teams & Access

Microsoft 365 Home

  • OneDrive - personal storage for each person that can only occasionally be shared.
  • No access to additional apps