Is Your Computer Starting to Run Slowly?


Frequent servicing can help maintain security and performance


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The Benefits of Service-IT

Like any other device that is in constant use the performance of any computer can drop off over time.

Every time a system is turned on more snippets of information are stored and, of course, there is always the threat of picking up something undesirable when transferring files or connecting to the Internet.

Taking the time to service a computer can help improve the performance, and ensure that regular security updates are or have been installed.

Can we help you keep your computer useful, and at peak performance, for longer?

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Who is Andy Cooper?

Andy wears his geek hat openly. He jointly runs two role-play games each week and has been seen at local live action role-play events playing his dwarf character Harruk.  It is a great tool for team building and training.

His experience was gained as an IT contractor working with several local companies such as the University of Exeter, Exeter City Council, and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.  He also worked as a school technician in Dawlish and as IT support for a manufacturing company in Crediton.

He has a keen interest in making computer technology work for people and feels that is important to be able to communicate the best ways to make computers work for you in simple and understandable language.