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Who We Are:

Solidarity IT is founded on the concept that we as people are all part of the community and therefore anything we can do to help someone makes life better for everyone.  Here in Devon, we recognize the importance of local communities in helping people to be connected and successful in their endeavours.

At Solidarity IT, we understand the importance of listening to the customer. Before any work is undertaken, we talk with you to make sure that we are providing what you need to achieve your goals.  First impressions are important in creating the trust required to work together. This is where friendliness and the ability to listen are vital in enabling us to give advice and support that are appropriate and relevant to the client and to avoid using too many technical terms or causing an information overload.

We don’t just pay lip service to customer service; we want our clients to come away feeling that we listened to them and met their needs fully, rather than adequately.  This is why you’ll speak directly to us, rather than a call centre, so leave a message if you don’t get through right away. This approach has ensured that customers reliably describe us as friendly, helpful, efficient and professional.

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Working With the Customer:

The technical knowledge and training we have acquired during our professional lives has taught us that one size does not fit all. We listen to your needs, and use our expertise to figure out the ideal solution to your problem, fulfilling your individual needs.  Solidarity IT services are highly customisable. The training we offer is designed to be flexible and the pace and delivery methods can be varied to suit the learning style of the individual.

We know we can always be better and do better and so we constantly strive to improve our knowledge, skills, and practices.  We will advise others on good practices and how to follow regulations and ensure the safety of their customers.

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Our Focus on Ethics:

To us, it is not only possible but necessary for business practices to be be ethical, by which we mean we consider our primary duty to be the satisfaction of our customers and our workforce.  Feeding our profits back into the business enables us to provide a better service in the future. What matters to us is that both we and the client are happy with the level of service provided and that our workforce are motivated and able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

We believe that the environment is important and aim to be sustainable.  Andy drives a hybrid car for this reason. He feels that meeting people face to face at mutual convenience is very important, but wants to minimise the environmental cost of the driving involved in doing so.  To encourage people to use local services and to be fair, we charge a stepped fee directly related to the driving distance required. We are based in central Exeter, so are well-placed for covering anywhere in Devon.

Andy has worked in schools and for charities and has been DBS cleared, and we consistently receive excellent reviews on both our Facebook and Trustpilot feedback pages.

Between Them, Our IT Technicians Have Previous Experience Working With: