"all fixed, and running amazingly well."

Gerry tells the story of how Solidarity IT saved their laptops from a life of sitting unused.
"I realised that he was a man who might help me with the problem I had in the cupboard."

Speed up mine too!


Available across Devon

In plain English

Specifications can be tricky to interpret. We can advise and recommend what to get.

Increased Performance

Tuning and hardware improvements advice and implementation.

You set the budget

We identify what you want to be able to do, then we'll find something to match your budget requirements.

We'll set it up for you

Improvements need setup and configuration. Andy will go through that with you.

Move to Windows 10

With Windows 7 end of life approaching at the end of 2019, ask about upgrading.

New Ideas

There may be alternative ways of achieving what you want more efficiently. Make an informed decision.


Fully bespoke to suit your needs

Office systems

We also offer support and upgrade advice on: Office networks, Data Sharing and Protection, Business Continuity and Backups and many more elements of a modern office.

We believe after-sales care, Improve-IT is not just an installation, but can include any training you need to ensure you know how to get what you want achieved.

We don't just leave

Advice is always Free

If you have questions, have a chat with Andy by phone or email. There's no charge for advice.

Discover the flexibility of remote working and automation to make IT a pleasure rather than a pain.

New horizons

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Don't just take Gerry's word for it

"I'd got quite nervous about trying to use my computer... I'd gone from a really old computer to a nice laptop that scared me to bits... He (Andy) was very good, he's lovely, he's calm... After meeting Andy I was really confident with everything he did with me."

Sue, Explain-IT

John, Explain-IT

" 'I will teach you at your speed,' those were the magic words... He is extremely tolerant and patient... It's a whole new world which he has opened up to me."

"Andy was quick, Andy was efficient... and after he had finished the problem and solved it, he explained in simple terms how I could make sure something like that didn't happen again."

Tom, Fix-IT (WiFi configuration)

"I would never have been able to set it up myself or whatever, but now that Andy has done that for me, um, I'm getting to be quite a computer... buff. I think that's the right word."

Steve, Build-IT (new tablet) and Explain-IT

"Understand what the problem is and give you a quick and simple solution"

Andy can improve your IT systems going forward.

Let's have a chat

Please leave your details and we'll get in contact with you.


Please leave your details and we'll get in contact with you.


Please leave your details and we'll get in contact with you.