"I'm getting to be quite a computer... buff."

Sue and Steve tell the story of how they ordered a tablet via Solidarity IT and what it was like to have Andy set it up to their specifications and preferences.
"I would never have been able to set it up myself... "

I need a computer


Available across Devon

In plain English

"He got the tablet for me, sorted it out, set it all up."

A new custom computer

Andy will help you choose the computer that is right for you and your situation.

You set the budget

We identify what you want to be able to do, then we'll find something to match your budget requirements.

We'll set it up for you

When you buy a computer it needs further setup and configuration. Andy will go through that with you.

What type suits you?

You choose a desktop, laptop or tablet, whichever is right for you, and what you want to achieve with it.

Connect globally

Use Email, Skype and the Internet to contact people around the world. Communicate with family / friends.


Fully bespoke to suit your needs

Hidden depths

Take as deep or as shallow a 'dive' as you want into how your computer works. Focus on just enough to achieve what you want to, or dive into the what, how and why it operates the way it does.

Andy can explain how the different parts of your computer work together. This is a personalised guided service to get the most out of your computer for you.

We don't just leave

Advice is always Free

If you have questions, have a chat with Andy by phone or email. There's no charge for advice.

Understand the concepts behind 'The Cloud', why backups are important and how to keep safe online.

New horizons

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Talk to us about your requirements

I need a computer


For your critical / irreplaceable files








Don't just take Sue and Steve's word for it

" 'I will teach you at your speed,' those were the magic words... He is extremely tolerant and patient... It's a whole new world which he has opened up to me."  

John, Explain-IT

"He was great. He turned up when he said he would, which is quite useful when you are in business, and he took away the computers, and they came back, I think two weeks later, all fixed, and running amazingly well."

Gerry, Improve-IT (laptop upgrades)

"Andy was quick, Andy was efficient... and after he had finished the problem and solved it, he explained in simple terms how I could make sure something like that didn't happen again."

Tom, Fix-IT (WiFi configuration)

"I was very pleased with everything he did with us"

Andy from Solidarity IT can work with you to help you overcome whatever challenges you face when considering getting a new computer.

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Please leave your details and we'll get in contact with you.


Please leave your details and we'll get in contact with you.