A select group

So in the end there were only seven of us braving the cold and potential snow and heading onto Dartmoor for the ‘Taste of Devon’ supper this evening.

A big welcome to Amber Wilson, of Fordham Finance who attended today as her first networking event.  Thank you for taking the photos.  It was interesting to hear how you can operate face to face or entirely online.  Thank you for coming all the way up from Launceston in Cornwall.

Derek Hampson, on the far left of the picture, told us about his insurance coverage options and the new cash back card he is getting very close to convincing to launch in the UK.  Unfortunately, he seems to be expecting the NHS to fail and provides Private Medical Insurance rather than campaigning / helping to resolve the problems.  Still, I guess under this government you have to prepare for the worst, as it is very likely to come true.  He also does other Insurance Cover such as life insurance and has recently helped Chirs sort out the power of attorney for his mother.

I’m not going to talk about myself here, except perhaps to say that it looks like I’m already gaining a bald spot on the top of my head in this picture!

Chris Robillard (top centre) was in a lot of pain at the meetup tonight, having recently been in the hospital, but it was great to see him and he really enjoyed the meal.  He told us about his new Area Guides, including the launch of the “East Dartmoor” area.  I’ve worked with Chris since January and helped him with his recent book launch. I’ve also registered eastdartmoor.com for him, and the website will be going up shortly.

On Chris’s left sat Jason Crocker of 3rd Ave Design, and he talked about his new wide format printer, and that they were looking to expand their printing methods to include silk-screen printing.  If there an object you want something printed on, chances are Jason can do it.  Of course, he can do paper prints, but his expertise lies in clothing, banners, stickers and gifts.  Check out www.3ad.co.uk for further details.  Perhaps I should get a Solidarity IT shirt printed?

The meal itself was as great as expected, a very pleasant pheasant casserole with fresh bread.  I don’t normally manage mushrooms, but there was something about the spicing and composition of the soup that made them palatable.  The pheasant itself was delicious.

At the bottom left, closest to the camera is Gerry Bolt of BBX, the Business or the bank of spare capacity.  He’s done wonders for both Chris and me, and we were both working on our final guest, Paul Wheidon to try to get him to join.  If you don’t believe us, take a look at these testimonials! https://bbxuk.com/testimonials/.  I found out a few more things I can spend my trade pounds on including apparently some tablets.

Paul Wheildon of Minuteman Press is a specialist in paper and card publishing, he does any print run size from one single booklet up to several hundred.  It was my first time meeting him this evening as because he owns the Torquay store of an international group and therefore can only make evening meetings.

Finally a big thanks to all at the Edgemoor for hosting us and providing the food, especially that ‘Devon Clotted Cream’ cheesecake which was as wonderful as I’d been hoping.

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